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Pinellas property appraiser how do i search by mobile home lot number on website?

Pinellas Property Appraiser: Easy Mobile Home Lot Number Search on Website

When searching for information related to mobile home lot numbers in Pinellas County, Florida, the Pinellas Property Appraiser's website offers a user-friendly and efficient solution. With a few simple steps, users can access accurate and up-to-date information about mobile homes in the area. Below, we highlight the positive aspects of the Pinellas Property Appraiser's website and the benefits it provides for users looking to search by mobile home lot number.

Positive Aspects of Pinellas Property Appraiser's Website:

  1. User-friendly Interface:

    The Pinellas Property Appraiser's website is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Its simple layout ensures that users can quickly find the search option they need for mobile home lot numbers.

  2. Accurate and Current Information:

    The website provides reliable information about mobile homes in Pinellas County. Users can trust that the data they receive is accurate and up-to-date, ensuring they have the most relevant information at their fingertips.

  3. Advanced Search Features:

    Pinellas Property Appraiser's website offers advanced search functionalities, enabling users to search by mobile home lot number. This feature is particularly useful for homeowners, potential buyers, or those

Contact the County Clerks Office

As long as you know a property's location, you can contact the county clerk's office to learn more about the owner. Florida has 67 counties. It's fairly easy to narrow down a property's county even when you have limited information about the location and tenants.

How do I get a copy of my property survey in Pinellas County Florida?

Since survey's are typically required by lenders during the transfer of property, property owners are encouraged to contact the title company that handled the title transfer for their acquisition of the property, or the mortgage lender if their purchase was more than 3 years ago.

Who is Pinellas County Property Appraiser?

Mike Twitty, MAI, CFA. Pinellas County Property Appraiser.

Do disabled pay property taxes in Florida?

Exemption Benefits

Real estate used and owned as a homestead by a paraplegic, hemiplegic, or other totally and permanently disabled person, who must use a wheelchair for mobility or who is legally blind, is exempt from taxation if the gross household income is below the current gross income limit.

How do I find the owner of a specific property?

9 Ways To Find Out Who Owns A Property You Want
  1. Visit The Local Assessor's Office.
  2. Check With The County Recorder.
  3. Ask A Title Company.
  4. Talk With A Real Estate Agent.
  5. Contact A Real Estate Attorney.
  6. Search The Internet.
  7. Visit Your Local Library.
  8. Knock On The Door.

What is the folio number in Florida?

The folio number is a means by which properties are identified in Miami-Dade County. It is also referred to as the parcel identifier and represents a unique number that computer systems use to associate to a property. The folio number is formatted as a 13 digit number (99-9999-999-9999).

How do I find my Florida property tax ID?

Where is my Property Number? You can find your ID number on your property tax notices (usually on the top left of your tax notice). However, if you are unable to see it, refer to our map search and either: (i) search your address or, (ii) enter the homeowner's name. The ID number will then be displayed for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is assessed value the same as market value in Florida?

Market value is our estimate of what your property would sell for and there is no limitation on how much that value can be increased from year to year. Assessed value is the capped value that cannot go up more than 3% for homestead properties and 10% for non-homestead properties.

What is the just value of a property in Florida?

The just value is the property's market value. The assessed value is the just value minus assessment limitations (see the Save Our Homes section below). The taxable value is the assessed value minus exemptions and is the value the tax collector uses to calculate the taxes due.

How do I find property values in my area?

Check out online portals

Websites like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and Realtor.com are some of the many real estate portals that will present a value estimate when you search an address. These sites also provide automated valuation models, or AVMs, to calculate property values.

At what age do you stop paying property taxes in Florida?

65 or older

Certain property tax benefits are available to persons 65 or older in Florida. Eligibility for property tax exemptions depends on certain requirements. Information is available from the property appraiser's office in the county where the applicant owns a homestead or other property.


How often are properties assessed in Florida?

January 1 each year

Florida's Property Tax System

County property appraisers assess all real property in their counties as of January 1 each year. The property appraiser sends an annual Notice of Proposed Property Taxes in August to each property owner.

Pinellas property appraiser how do i search by mobile home lot number

The new site is packed with the tools you love plus a whole lot more! Discover new features like our Comparable Sales Search, Custom Reports, powerful Advanced 

What does a Property Appraiser do in Florida?

Your Property Appraiser estimates the market value of the property. This amount, less the cost of selling the property, is the basis upon which the property is appraised. Florida law specifies that every property must be inspected at least once every five years.

What is the primary role of an appraiser?

Appraisers and assessors estimate the value of property. Property appraisers and assessors provide a value estimate on real estate and tangible personal and business property.

Pinellas property appraiser how do i search by mobile home lot number on website?

Who regulates property appraisers in Florida?

Certification and licensing is handled by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Real Estate, Real Estate Appraisal Board.

How can I reduce my property taxes in Florida?

Florida Statutes provides a number of ad valorem property tax exemptions, which will reduce the taxable value of a property. The most common real property exemption is the homestead exemption. Application for these exemptions must be made by March 1st of the year for which you apply.

How long does a home appraisal take in Florida?

Maria Raymer, a top-selling agent in the Jacksonville, Florida region, cites a similar timeline, recommending that buyers expect “at least a couple of weeks from the time it's ordered until it's received back to the bank.” Most typically, your appraisal should be ready a week or two after it's ordered.

Who is the Pinellas County Tax Collector?

Tax Collector Charles W. Thomas takes pride in his office's dedication to “customer-focused excellence” and is honored to serve the residents of Pinellas County.

  • How do I contact Pinellas County Tax Collector?
  • How do I find my property lines in Pinellas County?
    • If you own any type of land—even if it's undeveloped or not yet built on—the property lines should be clearly outlined on county tax records. The best way to look up property records is through your local government's website, and specific details will vary by county.

  • What county is St Petersburg FL?
    • Pinellas CountySt. Petersburg / CountyPinellas County is a county located on the west central coast of the U.S. state of Florida. As of the 2020 census, the population was 959,107, which makes it the seventh-most populous county in the state. It is also the most densely populated county in Florida, with 3,491 residents per square mile. Wikipedia

  • Are Florida property taxes based on purchase price?
    • Property taxes are also based on the market value of your property, which is determined by Florida's property appraisers at the beginning of each year. Property appraisers also review and apply exemptions, assessment limitations, and classifications that could lower your property's taxable value.

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